Selling Older Doll Molds – Low Prices

3 ladies moldsI have come across a huge bin of older doll molds by various artists.  Some are not available anymore.  I need to get the out of here.  Below is a list of the molds available.  I do not have photos, but you can do a search on Google for each mold and probably find photos of them somewhere.  Please contact me privately here: to let me know which molds you want.  ALL OF THESE MOLDS ARE USED but in decent condition.

I will only ship these molds to US residents, sorry but no international shipping on these.  Buyer to pay shipping costs.


  • $18.00 Legs #1 Full legs with pretty sculpted slipper shoes
  • $18.00 Legs #3 Full Legs with separate “Butt/Hip” section with sculpted boots

Jean Pardina:

  • $20.00 Baby Newborn #30 – 2 mold set. Makes an adorable detailed infant baby
  • $20.00 Larger Patty Doll # 37.  Makes a great larger dolly or small scale child doll.

Theresa Glisson:

  • $6.00 Arm/hand mold TAG 122 (I think it is part of Anna Anderson collection, seems to be a right hand that can be slipped onto the arm in different positions.

Janna Joseph Molds: NO arms/legs unless noted

  • $7.00 Prissy Head (GWTW series, slight chip on outside does not affect actual head/sculpt) SOLD TP
  • $7.00 Pat Head (older gentleman kind face) SOLD TP
  • $7.00 Mammy head (GWTW series, head) SOLD TP
  • $7.00 Rhett Butler Head (GWTW Series) SOLD TP
  • $7.00 Harriet (Sweet older lady head) SOLD TP
  • $7.00 Doc head (another kind santa looking fellow) SOLD TP
  • $7.00 Adelaide Head (sweet older lady) SOLD TP
  • $7.00 Aileen (Orphan Annie look a like fits Kelly Parker Levi body) SOLD TP
  • $7.00 Marilyn Head (Marilyn Monroe head) SOLD TP
  • $15.00 Granny Head Torso (nice Mrs Santa type with a full sculpted body SOLD
  • $15.00 Miss Marple Head Torso SOLD TP
  • $15.00 Santa/Grandpa Head Torso (Full figured man great face) SOLD TP
  • $15.00 Clementine Head Torso (older heavy set woman) SOLD TP
  • $15.00 Rosa Parks Head Torso SOLD TP
  • $ 5.00  Uniform Hat mold (makes a police officer hat) SOLD TP
  • $15.00 K1 Kestner child doll mold Complete with Arms and legs. 3 1/2″ tall SOLD PV
  • $7.00 MD-8 AT repordction child Head/Torso ONLY, NO arms legs 3 1/2″ tall SOLD PV
  • $7.00 Boy Arms/Legs Set SOLD TP

Parker Levi Molds

  • $8.00 Patty II Head only A-42 (Little Women Series, fits Kelly Body) SOLD PV
  • $8.00 Meg II Head only A-41 (Little Women Series, fits Kelly Body) SOLD TP
  • $8.00 Janey II Head only A-43 (Little Women Series, fits Kelly Body) SOLD TP
  • $8.00 Annie II Head only A44 (Little Women Series, fits Kelly Body) SOLD TP
  • $18.00 Lois A-32 Head only SOLD TP
  • $18.00 Cyrene A-30 Head only SOLD TP
  • $18.00 Mary Katherine A34 Head only SOLD TP
  • $18.00 Marie Head A 33 Head only SOLD TP
  • $15.00 Mens Heads – Rob, Lee, Don A-29 (in 1 mold) SOLD TP
  • $18.00 Girl In Red Complete mold (arms. legs head body) SOLD TP
  • $ 7.00  Mens Boots mold A1004 (Santa type boots) SOLD TP
  • $7.00 Mens hands mold A1004 SOLD TP
  • $7.00 Bent girl legs (Kelly size fits Meg, etc.) SOLD TP
  • $18.00 Rusty Newborn Baby (2 different heads arms and legs 1 1/2″ tall) SOLD TP
  • $10.00 Mens arms & legs A1013 SOLD TP
  • $8.00 A Marque Head only (fits Kelly Body, Keni’s Minis) SOLD PV

Mystic Molds (barely used)

  • $14.00 Alice M113
  • $14.00 March Hare M157
  • $14.00 Mad Hatter M115 (2 mold set, missing 1 small bottom piece on Mad Hatter body, but mold can still be poured)
  • $14.00 Humpty Dumpty
  • $14.00 Alice’s rabbit M114
  • $12.00 Wee Kewpie M162 SOLD TP

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