Easter Lady - Miniature Dolls by Gina BellousEaster bonnets can serve as a great inspiration for some lovely miniature doll costumes.

Spring is in the air and Easter is upon us.  What better time to explore some antique and vintage photos of women and children in Easter Bonnets and Easter scenes.  One thing is for sure.  People still love to wear fancy hats during this holiday but none can come close to the gorgeous hats they wore long ago.

With that being said, Here are some great images of Women and adorable children in bonnets.  Click on the images to see larger photos

Easter bonnet lady - miniature dolls by Gina bellousHere is a great gallery of old Easter Postcard images.  I just love all of the props and the amount of thought and detail that went into each of the settings.  WOW!

We just don’t seem to go through all of that trouble now that we have photoshop, lol.  Gotta love it.


Easter Lady - Miniature Dolls by Gina bellous