New Shipment Of Miniature Doll Molds

Hello Miniature Friends, Artists and Enthusiasts,

I know it’s been some time since you have heard from me.  I am hoping to make a lot of changes to my miniature doll business.  

For now I have a new shipment of miniature doll molds in stock.  Get them while you can.  All molds are ready for shipment.  Please go to my Miniature Doll Molds page to place an order.  If you want more than 1 mold or will require international shipping, please contact me to get a shipping rate.

Miniature Doll Molds

Good News! Web store is back up and running!

Miniature Doll Laura - Gina BellousI am so happy to report that after a short downtime while the site was upgraded, everything is back up and running smoothly. Thannk you to all who were concerned and let me know.


New – “Your Gallery” of Miniature Dolls

Deco Lady Miniature Doll - by Mary WilliamsI have finally had the chance to upload the long awaited “Your gallery” of Dolls Web Page.

 Here is your chance to shine!  All dolls on this page have been made by other doll artists using my original miniature doll molds or painted & blank doll kits.  This is your opportunity to be featured for free on my website.  It is a wonderful way to share in the miniature doll community and see how each artist interprets a doll mold or doll kit.  Visit the page today and get recognized. All of the information is available here:

Miniature Doll Molds Are Back In Stock!

Hooray!  For those of you who have been waiting, my miniature doll molds are back in stock.  I just picked them up from my mold maker!

Fine quality miniature doll molds made by a master mold maker.  They feature very fine seam lines and release very easily from the molds.  Each mold is highly detailed and yields easy to paint castings.  Each doll comes with a different set of arms and legs to mix and match.  The hands on all dolls have nice separated fingers.

Buy your molds now : Miniature Doll Molds

Miniature Doll Molds Are In Production

Katelyn as Anne of Green GablesI am happy to report that I met with my mold maker yesterday and my molds are now in production.  It should be another 1 – 1/2 weeks and they will be in stock.  If you placed a paid pre order your molds will go out first.  I ordered a few exra sets but I am sure they will go fast.  If you want any molds, you can place a pre-order on the Miniature Doll Molds page.



Fantastic News – Doll Molds

Gina Bellous - Miranda - Miniature Doll MoldHi All,

I have recently been in touch with my mold maker. He has graciously agreed to make my molds for me again. He will be doing this part time from his regular job. I am so excited about this.

I am meeting with him next week to get everything set up. If you are interested, please go to my mold page and you can pre-order your molds.

 I am not sure of the exact delivery date yet as it will depend how quickly he can make them for me.

 They will be shipped out first come , first served.