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Miniature Doll Kit

Victoria Miniature Doll by Gina Bellous



I have 1 beautiful miniature doll kit in stock right now.  She is Victoria, made from my original mold.  Victoria is 5 1/2″ tall and features lovely wavy red hair styled in an up-sweep with tiny ringlets framing her face.  She has stunning green eyes and has an antique lace corset.  $120.00 . Please contact me to purchase her: Contact Gina SOLD  Thank you for your interest in my miniature dolls.

Victoria Miniature Doll Kit by Gina Bellous
























Thank you all for your continued support.  I am always thrilled to see what you do with the miniature doll kits you purchase.  Please send photos or links to where they can be seen.  If you send me photos of your finished miniature doll kits you have made from my molds or purchased from me I will happily add them to my website.

Good News! Web store is back up and running!

Miniature Doll Laura - Gina BellousI am so happy to report that after a short downtime while the site was upgraded, everything is back up and running smoothly. Thannk you to all who were concerned and let me know.


2 More New Doll Kits In Stock

Camille Miniature doll kitHere are 2 more new doll kits in stock and ready to ship.  They are blank porcelain doll kits poured from Stacy Hofman’s Camille mold.  They are NOT painted, the kits will come as BLANKS ready for you to paint. They are fully assembled and ready for you to dress.  Each doll kit is only $40.00.  Shipping in the US via Priority Mail for $6.95, International shipping is $13.75 for First Class Mail.  Email me to purchase these dolls.  Email to buy this doll. Contact Gina  Painted kits are available on my doll kits special order page

Julia Doll Kit Brown EyesAVAILABLEJulia Light Golden Brown Eyes – Stacy Hofman Mold

SPECIAL: $99.00, she comes fully assembled and wigged in a long spiral curl wig that is hand blended in lovely shades of red. Email to buy this doll. Contact Gina

New – “Your Gallery” of Miniature Dolls

Deco Lady Miniature Doll - by Mary WilliamsI have finally had the chance to upload the long awaited “Your gallery” of Dolls Web Page.

 Here is your chance to shine!  All dolls on this page have been made by other doll artists using my original miniature doll molds or painted & blank doll kits.  This is your opportunity to be featured for free on my website.  It is a wonderful way to share in the miniature doll community and see how each artist interprets a doll mold or doll kit.  Visit the page today and get recognized. All of the information is available here:

Abigail is assembled and posed!

Abigail Miniature Doll by Gina Bellous 9In my last post about Abigail she just had a wire armature with cotton pom poms on her rear. 








Abigail Miniature Doll by Gina Bellous 11She has since been wrapped with cotton batting and as you can see what looked like exaggerated posture is now quite “normal” for the time period.

 I also gave her some custom sculpted shoes with a strap and she will have more ornamentation added to them, once they are finished.






Abigail Miniature Doll by Gina Bellous 10You can see the nice curve “sway” to her back.  I plan to give her an Edwardian costume.  I am thinking a Day Dress of some sort.








Abigail Miniature Doll by Gina Bellous 12I am still considering the fabric and whether I will do a tiny print or separate blouse and skirt.







See you soon.

Gina Bellous Dolls Signature 3


Miniature Doll Molds Are Back In Stock!

Hooray!  For those of you who have been waiting, my miniature doll molds are back in stock.  I just picked them up from my mold maker!

Fine quality miniature doll molds made by a master mold maker.  They feature very fine seam lines and release very easily from the molds.  Each mold is highly detailed and yields easy to paint castings.  Each doll comes with a different set of arms and legs to mix and match.  The hands on all dolls have nice separated fingers.

Buy your molds now : Miniature Doll Molds

Abigail Has Spoken – My next miniature doll!

Abigail Miniature Doll - Gina Bellous 2Okay, so Abagail (doll #4 as she was referred to yesterday), has always called to me. I agree with John that #4 was the way to go.

I took Morena’s advice and decided to block out all of the other miniature ladies that are calling to me and concentrate on her alone. Even her arms were already decided from the very beginning and I handsculpted some 2 tone porcelain arms with white gloves and bare flesh shoulders. These may end up being covered up from above the elbow (or more).





Abigail Miniature Doll - Gina Bellous 5I wanted to do a more “casually” dressed victorian or Edwardian lady, perhaps off to have tea or something. Even when these ladies were not going to a ball they still were so well dressed.







Abigail Miniature Doll - Gina Bellous 6As you can see I am already positioning her. As I have mentioned in the past, this is a very imortant step in achieving a more lifelike doll rather than a stiff doll. Right now her sway in her ack looks exaggerated, but that is because her body hasn’t been wrapped yet.






Abigail Miniature Doll - Gina Bellous 7Here is another angle where you can see the sway in the back, the chest up, etc.  She will get fancy shoes before she is costumed.  Thank you for the emails letting me know your thoughts on my creative conundrum!







Gina Bellous Dolls Signature 3

Creative Conundrum

One Of A Kind Miniature Lady Dolls Gina Bellous

 One Of A Kind Miniature Lady Dolls Gina BellousHave you ever been in a Creative Conundrum?  I seem to have so many ideas and so many special, painted doll kits set aside to costume that I can’t seem to decide which one to dress or which costume to do, etc.  It must sound silly to some, but I always make 1 or 2, one of a kind ladies when I am working on my doll kit orders.  I have 6 pretty gals just begging for me to costume them.  I have been working on them for many months already just to get them to this point. Sigh, I don’t know which little lady to create first.  Alas, the poor dears have been banished to solitary confinement and can only dream of stepping out in a new world all dressed and ready for a new adventure.  Does this ever happen to anyone?  You have the most wonderful doll, fabrics, etc. but just can’t seem to settle on what to do with her?  Arrrgh!  It will be fun to see which lady wins!  I think #4 from the left is calling out to me.  Her name is Abigail. Stay tuned…..

Gina Bellous Dolls Signature 3

“Alex” Doll – A Future Bride!







Often times I have a customer who would like me to make a doll in a person’s likeness but cannot afford the fees for a one of a kind sculpted doll.


There are other more affordable ways to have a doll made that will resemble a person.  It helps if you have a good repoire with your dollmaker/artist.  They should be willing to work with you to find the right face and talk about options for hair, painting style, gloves, etc.


My customer wanted me to make a doll kit that she will dress of her daughter for her wedding.  She did not want a custom sculpted doll.  She chose the face from my selection of doll kits I carry on my website: Gina Bellous Dolls .  After narrowing it down, she chose Lydia from a mold by Stacy Hofman.  I had to agree with her that this was a good choice.  It is a mold that is not available commercially, but has no dropped shoulders.  Her daughter is wearing a strapless gown and her shoulders will be bare so no matter what type of shoulders we chose, there will be a seam showing.


This is Alex.  She is such a pretty girl.  After making both dolls, I realize that her hair will be worn down like in the photo so doll #1 with the full arms will work just fine, but I like the face of doll #2.



I decided to make 2 dolls and let her choose which one she likes best.  To offer a variation of the shoulders I cut the head off of Stacy’s doll and put it on my Victoria body and flattened the bustline a bit.  This gave the doll a nice youthful neckline and  body.  I was able to squeeze her face a bit when I removed it from the mold to make it narrower.




Sorry I have been away!

I have really missed everyone.
So life gets in the way sometimes.  So many things going on and something gets pushed aside!  I have been wigging and assembling so many doll kits that I owe to customers.  I am getting close to being done with them.  I will be posting photos of Chantelle as well as some other ladies as I costume them.
Big Hugs,