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Using your dark brown paint, carefully add a thin line across the top arch of the eyeball.

Many good quality molds will have cleanly sculpted lines that are easy to follow.

It is imperative that you get a good, clean, thin line.

Now you can see the lips have dried and you can get a better idea of how they will look when fired.


Okay, Our dear Dannie is starting to come to life, but so far this has been the easy part!
Loading the brown paint we now add another thin line on the opposite top arch of the eye socket.
I find that turning the head upside down during these next several stages will help you to see if the eyes match and are even.
They are so tiny, and it is really important to get them to be as similar as possible.


For this next step, you can use a color of your choice.
Try cheek blush, or mix some brown in with any red that you like.
I am known for my trademark reddish lower eye line.
This is a personal choice, and I use various colors depending on the doll, the mood etc. For this demonstration, you can load your liner brush with cheek blush plus a bit of brown.  Carefully paint a very thin line following the lower eye socket.





You have been doing a great job so
far, and I am sure you can guess
what comes next!
Load the brush with the same color
paint and carefully paint
a matching lower eye socket.
Definitely turn the head upside
down to compare the size, shape, etc.

****Looking at the head in a mirror
also helps to see things more “clearly”




Dannie has requested some eyebrows.
She is in a good mood, and so we will
give her normal eyebrows that follow
the natural shape of her brow line.

Using yellow brown, lightly apply a
very thin layer of paint in a curve
that follows her natural brow line.
They should start out thicker towards
the center inside edge near the bridge
of her nose and gently taper
off in a graceful curve towards the
outside edge of each eye

Oh! The importance of eyebrows!!!!
Just as eyes are the windows into the soul, I feel that eyebrows are the pathway that leads
to the labyrinth of our emotions.

I have this odd little habit of subconsciously raising one eyebrow when someone surprises me with sudden information, etc.  Just can’t help it, it happens!
Well, you can take the same doll and change her look by changing her eyebrows.

There are raised arches, furrows, sultry, sexy, angry, surprised, sad, etc! This is one of the features that can change your miniature doll into a miniature person!

 OKAY!!!!! Now it is time for the first firing!
Be sure your kiln is clean and free of any debris.
Loose particles in the kiln will fly around
in the air current generated by the heat.
They could land and become imbedded
on the surface of the paint ruining your lovely doll.

Fire your porcelain to cone 018 per kiln mfg Instructions.
(Sorry, can’t help you here, as each kiln is different)

Hey! Meet me on the next page!

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