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Congratulations on your 2nd firing!

Dannie is coming along nicely!

Let’s Move On! Click on photos for a closer look!

Gosh, I sure feel better now!
Time for some lip lines, and pupils
I always feel better when my dolls start looking back at me!
Pupils seem to do the trick. The doll suddenly takes on a whole new life.
It is about now that the doll starts speaking to me (not in the real sense of the term, silly)
I start to get a feel of who this little person will become!

The color should be good, not too washed out

First, lets go in and add a bit more blush to the cheeks. Just a tiny bit!
Now we add a lovely shadow above the eyelid area. I use a lot of medium and a bit of brown and red. Carefully feather out the color to blend.
This should be very subtle. Use Ruby Cheek to outline the lips.
Very thin layer, very thin line! Okay, now for the dreaded PUPIL! Once again, this requires a bit thicker paint. I like either a satin or gloss black.
Load brush, and touch the tip to the center of the iris with a gentle upward motion. Try to get the pupil as round as possible. If you don’t get it right, you know what to do! This is one area where practice makes perfect, and perfect they must be! All right, no one is perfect, but let’s try, okay!

Now it’s time to make the other pupil.
This will also take lots of practice and in many cases several tries to get it right. Now let’s work on the eyebrows again.
Using a darker brown, such as “very dark brown” or a lighter brown for blonds/redheads Load your 10/0 with paint that has been mixed with Line Medium
Hint: As you load your brush, pull the bristles along a clean glass area in a rolling motion to get a good tight point.
Carefully add tiny hairs at an angle. Start in the center near the bridge of nose and feather them out towards the outer edge of the face.
See photo inset.

Time To Fire Again!
Fire to cone 018 according to kiln mfg instructions

 Hey! You’ve come this far, follow me to the next page!

Stick with me, it is worth it!

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