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Dannie Miniature Doll China Painting part 6Dannie Miniature Doll China Painting Part 6      

Congratulations on your 4th firing


 Dannie is wondering if we will ever finish!

Let’s Move On!.
Well, we still have a bit of fine tuning here.
Often times you will hear that a doll has been
fired up to 7 times or more.
This becomes a personal choice.
We don’t want to over paint a doll, but certain factors in firing can cause unexpected changes that need to be corrected.
We will now go back and dot our “eyes” and cross our “t”s, lol.

Dannie Miniature Doll Final PaintingHere , although a bit blurry,
you can see the tiny fine
lower lashes, &
white eye accent dot
(light is bouncing off of it in the photo)


 Over all, Dannie looked pretty good in the photo above.
We can now look a bit closer and see what we can do t make her shine.
All of this should be very subtle.
The upper eyelash line was further deepened with a darker brown

Tiny lashes were added to the lower outer corners of her eyes.

Check all shadows and see if you are happy with them.

If you feel the cheeks need a bit more color add it now.

Now it’s time for another decision.
Does your doll need a white “eye” sparkle

This is another personal choice.
Sometimes my dolls have them, sometimes, not.
It depends on each face, and eye.
Sometimes it gives the doll life, other times it detracts.

One important thing to learn is WHEN TO STOP!!!!

FIRE to cone 018 following kiln Mfg instructions

You Did It !


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