Doll Kits – Special Order

Doll Kits Special Order - Miniature Dolls by Gina bellous


The following doll kits are available by special order.
Each doll kit will be made to your specifications.

Doll kits consist of beautifully painted porcelain, and come
with assembly instructions, arms & legs.  Blank kits are skillfully cleaned and ready for you to paint.

Wigs, jewelry, etc.,  can be added by ordering below. (Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page)

Delivery time on painted doll kits is approximately 10 -12 weeks
Delivery on blank kits is about 4 – 6 weeks

Please specify any special requirements such as wanting
different arms or legs, custom eye color, etc. in an email to me.

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Doll kits are beautifully cleaned and fired to provide the most detail. 

All kits can be assembled or wigged. Adding these services will add extra delivery time to your order.

Each doll has half arms with separated fingers and half legs with plain heels.

Doll kits come painted and ready to assemble. Blanks are Unpainted Doll Kits. Assembly instructions included.

Don’t forget to visit my tutorial pages on china painting, wigging, hat making and many more great miniature lessons to help you create a doll that will be perfect for your miniature setting.


1/12th Scale Child Doll Kits – Approx. 3 1/2 – 4 1/2″ Tall When Finished.

Here is a selection of children dolls.  Each doll has 1/2 arms & 1/2 legs.

If you choose to have your doll wigged please email me before or after you place your order to let me know what color and style you would like. You can have any style you like, men women, children, modern, period, fantasy, etc. I have many colors of hair.  You can look at some of the dolls above and describe the style by saying “I like the color of “Joy’s” hair, but I want the style to look like “Julia’s” style, etc., Or you can just send me a photo or sketch too.

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