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Thanks for stopping by.  If you are looking for beautifully painted miniature dolls then you have come to the right place.  This site is packed full of pages of dolls, doll kits, molds, free classes to help beginners and seasoned doll artists as well.

I have been sculpting & creating original miniature porcelain dolls for over 27 years! All dolls featured are 1/12th scale dollhouse dolls. They are sculpted of porcelain. I use my own original molds as well as molds from other fine artists. Whether you’re interested in fabulous finished dressed dolls, or kits to dress yourself, I’m sure you’ll find just the face you’re looking for to create a cherished treasure. Please be sure to check my kits pages as I occasionally have one of a kind doll kits available. I would love if you signed up for my newsletter. Your information will not be given away and you will be the first to know about new dolls, doll kits, classes & supplies.


Vanessa Miniature DollDoll Kits

Artfully Painted

I offer a great selection of doll kits. You can order them painted, painted and assembled, or painted assembled, and wigged. My dolls have incredibly realistic facial features. This is achieved through the laborious task of china firing the faces a minimum of 5 times, and an average of 7 separate firings. Through my technique, I can achieve very life-like faces that look more like little people than dolls. if you are looking to create a doll that resembles someone, I can work with you to create a one of a kind sculpted figure or we can choose a face from my library of doll molds that looks the closest to the person you want to create and paint and wig the figure to resemble them. It is a much more economical way to make your little person come alive if having a one of a kind sculpture is not a possibility for you.


Elisa Miniature DollDressed Dolls

Elegant Figures, Beautifully Costumed

If you are looking for a special dressed doll, please contact me to let me know your needs. I do tend to have a waiting list but I am always looking for a new and creative doll to work on, perhaps it can be yours. I use only the finest fabrics and trims to costume my figures. I search the whole country and internationally to find the most suitable miniature goods. If I can’t find it, I will make it myself. I love the tiny details, and each doll is sure to please even the most discriminating collector. Don’t forget to sign up for my email list so you can be the first to know about new dolls available, specials on kits, new supplies, etc.



Huge Tips for Tiny Treasures

Please visit my Tutorials page for several lessons in miniature doll making. There you can learn the art of fine china painting. I give you all of my secrets for mastering those tiny painted eyes. There are also lessons on sculpting a miniature lady and once you have that conquered there is a tutorial on basic miniature mold making. Learn to create lovely hats, and glorious locks with classes on wigging miniature dolls. It doesn’t stop there, you can even find a section on making tiny cold porcelain miniature flowers to decorate you doll’s bonnets.


Antique Lady SewingSupplies

Miniature Findings For Your Miniature Madame

I don’t carry a lot of supplies, but I do a few items that will help you make your little ladies sparke and shine. I carry tiny micro glass beads in all colors. These are perfect for making detailed necklaces or adding to your doll’s costumes. I have very small swarovski cyrstals in many colors. Flatback & point backs. Some of the crystals are super tiny and vintage. I also carry paper roses and flowers perfect for decorating miniature doll bonnets or adding them to your lovely miniature lady’s hair!

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