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 This is one of the biggest and the best lists for miniature doll lovers, doll makers, dreamers, etc! 
Msat Mini Dolls (Mini scenes and things, mini dolls) 
invites you to come visit the list and find out what 
sharing and learning can do to the doll lover in all of us. 
A great group of people ready to help
  make your doll dreams a reality.

 Magic Miniatures

 Here you will find a variety of unusual, artisan crafted miniature items 
such as 1/12th scale dolls, molded Venetian masks, tapestry charts and kits 
and several other items.
Esther is a fine artist.  She also stocks various supplies, 
which by virtue of her living in India are easy to come by.

 La Petite Belle Patterns

Fashions for Miniature Dolls. Here you will find patterns for antique, 
vintage and modern miniature doll fashions. 
These patterns are 1/12 scale to fit your fashion figure 
beautifully and accessorize the miniature vignette.
Kathi is a super sweet artist, and happy to assist you!

 Dana of Miniature Art

 A dear sweet artist who is truly innovative in her techniques. 
Dana is known worldwide for her
gorgeous “Dolls of Romance”
Visit her site for lovely dolls, with great hints, tips,
and tricks to help you out.

Lisa Johnson Richards

Lisa is one of my dearest “doll friends”.  She is a pleasure to know
and a really fantastic doll artist.
It has been my pleasure to watch such a wonderful artist
grow and create such magnificent works of art.
Please visit her website to see her fantastic work.

 Theresa Glisson Dolls

 Another outstanding artist and sculptor. Great site for 
fabulous mini doll molds. Have a look.

 House Of Caron

Visit Jackie for everything you need to make miniature dolls. 
This great site is filled with lots of molds
and accessories for the doll maker. 
Jackie also makes some fabulous dolls of her own!

Dollhouse Brazil

A fantastic website that has countless links and articles about all miniatures and miniature dolls.  There are wonderful links to tutorials, miniature groups, museums and artists.  A must see website!

 Gisele Sullivan Dolls

  Gisele was recently awarded top honor 
of IGMA Artisan. Way to go girl! 
All will enjoy this lovely site to see some very fine finished miniature dolls,
 kits, fabulous tutorials, and supplies. 

 Lil’s Littles

 Collectible Miniature Dolls – Delicately Handcrafted 
Miniature dolls for collections, dollhouses and 
miniature settings are Lil’s passion.

 The Looking Glass Child

The amazing tiny doll art of Tracey Allen Meeker

 La Boheme Dolls

 Lovely dolls ranging in size from 5.5 inches – 18 inches
Specializing In Original Costume Design.
Lovely dolls worth taking a good long look at.

 Mary Williams Dollhouse Dolls

 A fun site filled with lovely miniature porcelain dolls 
all beautifully dressed in fine fabrics and trims.  
A super nice lady to deal with.

 Hofman Doll Works

 Fabulous dolls “to die for” are just waiting to be viewed. 
IGMA Artisan, Stacy Hofman is well known for her
incredible dolls in fancy ballgown dress.
Stacy is an awesome sculptor, and luckily she offers the 
public her wonderful molds of her doll sculptures. She has a new 
website with tutorials too. Have fun!

 Doll Artists Workshop

 Here’s the site you have been looking for. Michelle Mahler has it all. 
Rated as one of the biggest and best sites for all of your 
miniature doll needs, Michelle has fabrics, trims, and supplies 
that will cause you to drool. They are too yummy. And if that is 
not enough, this IGMA Artisan has gorgeous dolls that 
she offers dressed, as painted kits, or blanks.
You will enjoy browsing this site.

  Judith’s Porcelain  Creations

 Judy is a dear sweet angel. She has a most extensive site with just 
about any doll kit you could want from tiny miniature dolls 
to large scale dolls. She sells soft-fired greenware too! 
Miniature Show Online

 Come visit a wonderful online miniature show of fabulous items
Lots of great artists and miniature vendors all in one place.

 Dolls On Parade

 Doll Art by Diane offers lovely handcrafted porcelain dolls
artfully painted & costumed by Diane Pietrocola 




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