Miniature Doll Mold Making Tutorial


Making A Miniature Doll Plaster Mold

“Molding Melissa” 

Basic Instructions For Making A Plaster Mold

This should help to clarify some of the “Mysteries of Mold Making!”

Have fun!

Making A Miniature Doll Mold - Gina Bellous 22Making A Miniature Doll Mold - Gina Bellous 23


      • Finished Sculpture
      • Pencil
      • Plaster – Potters # 1 (Preferred) (or plaster of Paris)
      • Mold Release 
      • Baby powder
      • Spoon
      • Oil based modeling clay
      • Dark Marker
      • Small sheets of acrylic plastic (or pieces of mat board)
      • Water
      • Soft flat paint brush
      • Disposable Plastic Container

Be sure to have all supplies on hand before you begin.

Lay the finished sculpture.  (in this case, Melissa’s head)  on a hard surface. Secure the sculpture with a small ball of oil based clay on the back of the head. Be sure the sculpture is at a 90 degree angle to the table surface. This will insure the best mold lines when tracing around the sculpture. Use a razor blade to remove the wood around the bottom few inches of the pencil, or you can use an actual pencil lead for this process.


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