Wigging A Man Doll

 “Wigging Roland” 

Basic Instructions For Making A Simple Wig 

This should help to clarify some of the 
“Mysteries of Wigging a Miniature Man Figure!”

Have fun!

Miniature Male Doll WigThis tutorial will show you how to make a simple wavy hairstyle for a man.  Often times, wiggina a man can be difficult because the hairstyle needs to look masculine and we are so sed to wigging those lovely ladies.  You will start with a painted miniature male doll that is 1″ scale.  You can find Roland available as a kit in my Painted Doll Kits section.





Miniature Male Doll Wig FinalRoland will be wigged using viscose that you will first learn to curl and then apply to creatw a nice full head of wavy hair.








    • Miniature Man Doll Kit (Roland is an original sculpt available in kit form)
    • Pre-curled Viscose
      (see my other wigging tutorial for directions on curling hair)
    • Tacky Glue
    • Sharp scissors
    • Cotton swabs 
    • Hairspray

 Be sure to have all supplies on hand before you begin.

We will start with a simple wavy hair design which can be used 
for modern as well as period styles. 
Please visit this link if you need to curl the viscose.
Using pre-curled hair will simplify the technique while adding realism
to the wig.

If you’re ready, let’s go on to the next page!



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