Wigging A Man – Part 2

 “Wigging Roland” 

Basic Instructions For Wigging A Mini Man Doll

Miniature Male Doll WigStart with a finished, painted kit.
Any nice miniature doll kit will
work great!









Miniature Male Doll Wig 2

 Use a toothpick to apply 
a small line of glue to the
side of head as pictured.








Miniature Male Doll Wig 3Trim a tiny bit of wavy
hair a press gently into
the glue. Be sure to
keep the hair thin
so it lays nicely along
side of head. 





Miniature Male Doll Wig 4It should not be bulky.
Repeat on the other side.
Already Roland is
taking on a new






Miniature Male Doll Wig 5Apply a nice layer
of glue to the entire back
of the head extending
from the top of head
to the neckline. 






Miniature Male Doll Wig 6Press a prepared hank of curly
hair into the glue.
Be sure to keep the hair of an
even thickness.
You can let if remain wavy
or press it firmly into the glue
so it will lay more flat.





Miniature Male Doll Wig 7Personally I wanted a tighter, cleaner
look, so I pressed the hair into
the glue more firmly.
Let it dry a bit and trim with
very sharp scissors to remove
the bulk and add realism
the hairstyle.




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