Wigging A Man – Part 3

 “Wigging Roland” 

Basic Instructions For Wigging A Mini Man Doll

Miniature Male Doll Wig 8As you can see, Roland
looks great with 
his hairstyle already,
and this style would 
work for an older man.
To continue, add a
line of glue in a loose
“M” pattern from
temple to temple as shown.



Miniature Male Doll Wig 9Lay another prepared
curly hank of hair
carefully across the
line of glue.
It is important that the
hair be as even in
thickness as 
Leave it to dry!
(This is important!)



Miniature Male Doll Wig 10When it is dry, carefully
flip the hair back.
This is where your 
designing skill will come 
in handy.
You will see that by 
pulling more on the hair
the style will change.
I don’t like it too
“poofy”, but again it
depends on the era


Miniature Male Doll Wig 11Cut off excess hair in the back.
Don’t worry about making it 
too long at this point.
We will be trimming it and
shaping it like real hair.






Miniature Male Doll Wig 12Hold scissors at an angle to the
head and begin to trim from
front to back.  Don’t worry
if the hair is sticking up here and there
We will be spraying and styling more 
in the next step.
Be sure to trim front to back 
from temple to temple.




Miniature Male Doll Wig 12Dip a cotton swab
in hair spray and gently
smooth the hair all around.
Concentrate on blending
the style all around
so it will look natural.
Don’t press hard or you
will lose curl.




Miniature Male Doll Wig 14Use a toothpick to push
hairline around a bit
if necessary. It is also
helpful in moving tiny,
stray hairs away from face.
You can also gently lift 
hair to give the desired




Miniature Male Doll Wig 15As you can see, Roland’s
hair has a nice
realistic look to it.
Don’t be afraid to play 
around with the hair.
Once you are
happy with the results,
leave to dry.




Roland is pictured above without his mustache.  He looks great this way.  If You want to add a moustache here are some simple directions:

Miniature Male Doll Wig FinalCut viscose into very tiny, short fibers.  Use a toothpick to add a thin line of glue to each side of upper lip.
 Use a toothpick to gently add bits of the fibers to the glue. Build this up gradually.

Do not add too much “hair” on the upper lip.  Experiment with the style of mustache.  The important thing is 
to keep the hair thin and not bushy.  You can even try adding some tiny hairs to the eyebrows.

Thanks again for joining me!  I hope this was fun for you!
If you have any questions, please just e-mail me.


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